Update on Known Consignor Rules

– Last-minute Changes: March 25th, 2013 will become April 28th,2013

For companies who have still taken no action on Known Consigner changes, there is a little respite.

In a move reminiscent of how months were eliminated from the Gregorian calendar many centuries ago, the European Commission made an explanatory statement on how dates are to be calculated, which has resulted in the Known Consignor transitional period (ie: new regulation 300/2008 not yet in full force) being extended to April 28th,2013.

Will an extension of little more than 30 days make a difference? To take Germany as an example, 60.000 Known Consignors will lose their licenses on April 29th, 3013, while so far less than 1.000 have gained their new licenses as Known Consignors.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the transportation market in Europe will adjust , and who will be the winners.


Petra Braun-Boghos, Legal Consultant