Result-based payment types – no invest = no risk!


Freight RFQs are an important and time consuming task for specialists.

This starts with creating a shipment profile on needed detail level and continues with respecting one-time effects in the past as well as looking at known developments in the future. Depending on freight volume and providers, the offers returned often differ in format and content, and additional parameters must be considered.

This is followed by an analysis to make offers comparable and to find out what is best for your company. In addition to financial facts, values such as reliability, security and cooperation of the supplier have to be taken into account. To facilitate negotiations we provide perfect diagrams and meaningful analyses.

In addition, we offer our costumers to handle their entire strategic freight purchasing, of course based on our expertise and our eRFQ module in POLYGON.
Our experience shows that savings up to 20% can be achieved by professional tender management.


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