How green is your Logistics Strategy?

– Consider a re-design with Polygon

Between 1996 and 2008, greenhouse gases from transport across the EU rose to 20% of total emissions from 14%.

While this was a period of intensive economic growth, this still represents a quite staggering increase, and as we now emerge from the long intervening recessionary period, it does bring into question the sufficiency of corporate green initiatives within logistics.  With the volume of shipments about to increases significantly again, what is the prospect for emissions from transport? Are companies making sufficient consideration to optimization alternatives?

The Directorate General of Energy and Transport („DG TREN“) continues to promote a combination of technical innovation within transport chains that makes full use of multi-mode transport in the least polluting and most energy-efficient way. Companies and logistics providers continually need to optimize their fleet management and their route planning along with their transportation systems.

We find there is always potential for optimization if one is prepared to consider innovative solutions, even in the largest of enterprises.  And driven by the environmental as well as competitive challenge, a number of major Polygon users have recently engaged in initiatives to rationalize their logistics network, with the intention of cutting both logistics costs as well as environmental impact.

This is being achieved at both tactical level, with such initiatives as empty truck projects, consolidations, and complex multi-lane tenders, and at the strategic level with ground-up logistics network evaluation and re-design initiatives.

A major customer from the automotive sector commented: “As we emerge from recession, and plan for an expansive future, the timing is ideal to increase the evaluation of optimization potential within our logistics network.  Over the past few years, we have not resourced this as we should have, but with the Polygon optimization service, we are confident we can practically and cost-effectively explore new ideas.”

How green have your optimization activities been? What do you need to do to cut costs?
Why not benefit from our (and our customers experience) and explore optimization opportunities with us today?

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