Reshaping your future Supply-Chain network

– Switch on the Headlights!
Are you at a standstill about how to optimize your Supply Chain? Or do you have a clear idea about what needs to be done, but are unable to easily evaluate the impact of the planned changes?

Many companies find it difficult to project and compare their future ship-to-market costs, due to highly complex tariff agreements, or due to major differences in shipment profiles in each of the geographical markets they serve.

If you are driving in the dark, without powerful lights to help you see what’s ahead, you may have to rely on highly dangerous guesswork! And when fast-changing business conditions force you to adapt your supply chain network, it can be just as risky as driving without headlights. Simply put, you don’t have a clear view of the potential obstacles that may be hidden on the road ahead..

Polygon’s “Halogen” Supply Network Simulation  will help you to quickly shed light on your planned Supply chain optimization. So you can choose between a variety of potential supply chain scenarios‚Ķ in a very short space of time.

Polygon is extremely powerful logistics and supply chain analysis software. It is available as a service through the web, and backed up by a team of highly experienced supply chain professionals.

Even if you don’t currently have the tools, staff or personal time to carry out detailed analysis yourself, Polygon’s powerful network simulation capabilities, combined with the expertise of our Supply-Chain Team can enable you to:
– identify detailed shipment profiles for the key markets you operate in
– achieve a detailed understanding of your ship-to-market costs
– evaluate the impact of using alternative rates offered by existing or potential carriers
– evaluate the impact of using alternative routes, modes and lanes in your network

You’ll get clearly evaluated outcomes so you will be able to determine the best route forward. We can help you to rapidly obtain a clear view of future of your supply chain.

All for a fixed one-time fee, and within a few weeks!

So Contact us today to switch on your headlight to a clearer future supply chain.

Best Regards
The Polygon Team