Delivering on Supply Chain Priorities in 2012

– What are your options?

All around in the current economic climate, we hear how Supply Chain managers are facing the major operational challenges to cut costs, to lower inventories and to re-align distribution networks in the face of changing customer demands, and even tighter operating margins.


And when we emerge from the current economic and political turmoil, supply chains will need to be even more agile and adaptable to respond to new market opportunities and challenges that arise.
How will you evaluate your logistical options in the fast-moving environment of 2012 and beyond?

Feedback from the market also shows that Supply Chain managers are now actively investing in planning tools, to help them to plan, evaluate and manage their supply chain operations and stay ahead of their competitors.


  • – Which freight lanes should you re-tender, and how will you conduct negotiations with carriers?
  • – Where to locate a new DC or service centre, to optimise customer service and delivery costs?
  • – How can you evaluate the logistics cost of entering new markets or adding a new customer?
  • – And what logistics options exist to respond to inevitable customer demands to cut prices?


Do you have the necessary operational data (freight costs, tariffs and shipment information) available to be able to quickly and easily perform the detailed analysis needed to answer these questions?  Will you have the analytical staff available to manually sift through the mountains of data, to provide a quick response to demands for change?


Or will you be able to benefit from the powerful Polygon Supply Chain optimisation service?

Polygon combines powerful freight information access and analysis in a single web-based system. It also includes rapid simulation capabilities, so you can use fact-based sensitivity analysis to support your key logistics decisions.


Polygon is purpose-built. It provides comprehensive support to help build lean and agile freight operations ‘at the press of a button’. Shouldn’t you take a closer look today?


Best Regards
The Polygon Team