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Invoice Checking

Fully automated freight invoice check to reduce costs

Do you understand what you are charged for freight? It is well known and accepted that freight invoice errors and mistakes can add between 2 and 4% to freight costs, if invoices are not verified on the basis of agreed tariffs on a systematic basis.

Yet it's virtually impossible to accurately check your freight invoices due to the complicated charging methods of LSP's without using a specialist service like POLYGON.

Our powerful automated online service enables you to verify the accuracy of charges for every shipment on every invoice from all of your service providers around the world. Within minutes of the invoice being received. Issues can be raised and resolved promptly with service providers, avoiding late payment and associated penalty charges.

In addition, you will gain a perfect basis for further analysis due to the processed financial and logistical data. Supported by the POLYGON modules Analysis, What-If, and Geo View you can easily identify optimization potentials. Next to the logistical refinement the optional freight purchase service can help reducing your costs. Savings up to 30% for individual lanes have already been achieved in various projects.

Whatever the size of your enterprise and whether you have one or dozens of service providers, POLYGON delivers the most accurate and speediest invoice-checking service available. And: this service is affordable and can be implemented within a very short time. 

 "Although I have many global service providers, POLYON implemented my invoice-checking system within a few weeks."
Healthcare Manufacturer